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Fletcher’s – A History of Appliance Sales and Service

Since 1953, Fletcher’s Appliance has been owned and operated by the Pastor family, who bought the business begun in 1924 from its original owners, Pearley and Edith Fletcher.

David Pastor, who took over the business when his father Bernard retired, can usually be found most days at the newest version of Fletcher’s, at 531 Amherst Street. That’s if he’s not at the warehouse. Or helping with a delivery. Or at someone’s home to make sure he knows exactly what their needs are.

David can still remember, as a small boy, someone asking his father why they hadn’t changed the name when they bought the store. The answer was as good back then as it is today. “That’s the name people know us by and it’s a name they trust.”

Fletcher’s current location is its sixth (and-a-half: see the timeline) since 1924. The first 72 years of business were conducted from locations in downtown Nashua, the last of which was originally an A&P supermarket on Main Street. In 1996, the move was made to busy Route 101-A.

What distinguishes us from our competitors in the appliance business is a continuing commitment to service, and a sales staff with more than 100 years of combined appliance sales experience. “Everyone here has been doing this for at least ten years, most of them much longer,” says David Pastor. “And as far as service…If something does go wrong, you can count on us to come to your home and take care of it.”

We’re also the appliance retailer of choice because we concentrate on the mid- to high-end appliances that upscale homeowners demand, with features and build quality not found in most of the offerings available at Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot or Lowe’s. With more than a billion dollars worth of group buying power, Fletcher’s can often sell for less than the competition, too!

For more than 80 years, as other stores have come and gone, people who want the best appliances and expert help, backed by local service, have come to Fletcher’s Appliance. Is it time you did, too?

Fletcher’s Appliance Timeline

1924 – Pearley and Edith Fletcher open P. E. Fletcher Corp., at 25 Park Street, across the street from where the Nashua Public Library is today. The big sellers were Frigidaire refrigerators, automatic washing machines and Delco lighting.

1929 – P. E. Fletcher is now the state’s largest Frigidaire dealer, and moves to larger quarters at 70 East Pearl Street, a space that eventually housed Gas Service, Inc. Along with Frigidaire, washers from Maytag become big sellers, and as more and more commercial radio stations hit the airwaves, sales of radios took off.

1945 – Nashua native Bernard Pastor, returning from WWII service as a Navy machinist’s mate specializing in refrigeration is hired by Pearley Fletcher as an appliance repairman.

1948 – Pastor is now the service manager, and P. E. Fletcher Corp. moves into the first floor of what is now the "Goodman" building at the corner of Main and West Hollis streets, with an Annex at 5 West Hollis Street, a site that is now parking areas behind Norton’s Classic Café.

1953 – Pastor buys the business from the Fletchers, who retire. Frigidaire is still a big name, as is Maytag. RCA and Emerson are the big radio brands, but there is a hot new thing called television that is about to change the world’s entertainment habits.

1963 – P. E. Fletcher moves again, but less than a block, to 228 Main Street. (That building is now gone, but the adjacent "Coronis" building still exists and has, on its south wall, a mural by well-known NH artist James Aponovich that bears a likeness of Bernard Pastor, along with those of many other famous Nashua notables.)

1978 – Outgrowing the space again, and with his son, David, poised to enter the business full time upon graduation from college, Pastor moves the store once more, to 331 Main Street, site of a defunct A&P grocery store (where a Rite Aid pharmacy now stands). Appliances and electronics (“brown goods”) get equal attention; VHS wins the war for videotape versus Beta, and the first video disk format is introduce, on disks the size of 12” LPs. (Anyone born after 1990, ask your parents.)

1988 – Bernard Pastor retires from active participation in the business and David Pastor takes over as president.

1990 – David Pastor assumes full ownership of Fletcher’s.

1996 – Out of downtown Nashua and off to the old Bass Shoe location at 531 Amherst, P. E. Fletcher Corp. drops the home electronics lines to concentrate on mid and high-end appliances as the area goes through a building boom, and becomes, simply, Fletcher’s Appliance.

2006 – Fletcher’s moves again, but this time only across the parking lot, to a brand-new building specifically constructed to showcase the better-quality kitchen appliances and laundry offerings Fletcher’s customers demand. It is now the only locally-owned retailer for most major appliance brands, including best sellers from GE, Bosch and Whirlpool.

Today – Fletcher’s Appliance is still the premier purveyor of appliances in southern New Hampshire, with a reputation for unmatched expertise, unbeatable service, excellent pricing and a commitment to the community. Even big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot cannot offer all that Fletcher’s Appliance does!